David Rosa is a composer, musician and writer based in Sydney Australia.


David played in Sydney alternative rock bands in the late 1980s & 1990s. After an extended period away from music he decided to pick up the tools again and begin a music project that had been on his mind for many years - to re-interpret the work of David Sylvian. Covering over 30 years of work it was a daunting project. Having played Night Porter for many years on the piano solo he decided that this was the first song he'd attempt to re-write and record. This project was released in May 2016 as Implausible Beauty and was performed in concert in May 2016.

Since then David has been working on various music projects including writing ambient music for a guided listening / mindfulness meditation project in conjunction with Nadine Cameron. David believes that music has the power to heal and assist people to learn the basic skill of meditation and with this skill find some peace in an often hectic life. The music has been designed to provide focus in the mediation and challenge you to notice and release any emotions it may evoke.

"Implausible Beauty has been a pure passion project for me. To re-interpret David Sylvian's music has been a dream project of mine for many years".